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Updated: Apr 12, 2021 recently changed their name to This change is very welcome. has been one of our closest partners since 2014 and we're very grateful for their support over the years. Many members of their community attended our events in the United States or online.

The people at a are passionate about audio. They never had the intention to offend anyone but rather make fun of folks like myself who are obsessed with gear.

It's very understandable that many people were not happy. It wasn't respectful and inclusive as it should have been, especially in an industry - the audio industry - that's male dominant. I frequently found myself uncomfortable mentioning the name to colleagues, presenters, and attendees. What's the point of having a partner that you can't mention because every time you do, it's awkward.

Since our first event, we've been on the forefront of inclusion and diversity. Early on, we pledged to have a minimum of 30% of presenters be women and we always saw this as a start.

A name change isn't any easy decision because it may impact negatively your business, especially when it relies on organic traffic. But the long term benefit is definitely there. Kudos to Jules and team for doing it and we look forward to continuing partnering with them! So go check out, it's a vibrant global community who loves...gear.

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