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Mix a Pop Song with Frank Socorro

Become a better mixer and producer in just 3 days. During this live seminar, learn and practice Frank Socorro’s mixing techniques. Finish the seminar with an improved mix to one of your songs you’ll want to share.

January 28-30, 2022

Take the class fully online

Holiday Sale: 20% off (Reg. $237)

Pay in 4 using AfterPay or PayPal

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: Overview

3-hours/day with live Q&A. Starts at noon pm ET.

Final Product: Mix your own song by the end of the seminar.

1-year subscription to iZotope Music Production Suite Pro ($199 value).

This class is for intermediate or advanced, this seminar will level you up.

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: List

An immersive learning experience

Be in the studio and watch the engineer mix a live session.

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: Text

Mixing Fundamentals 

Having a solid mix foundation is essential to a great mix.
During the session we will discuss letting the song dictate your processing choices, organization, routing and the initial processing techniques that will set you up for a successful mix

Frank shot 2.png

Framing your mix

Here we find the focal point of the mix. We will discuss how to place the elements around the focal point so that they can sit in their proper space. Using various processes we can make sure everything is supporting the focal point.


EQ, Reverb, Compression & More FX

Here is where we can create those amazing textures that can separate your mixes from everyone else’s. We will discuss vocal fx chains as well creating custom spaces for the various instruments to get that depth of field we all look for.

frank - eq strip 2.png

​Automation and Advanced techniques

This where we can add the valley’s and crescendos that make our music exciting. Through automation of various parameters we can create a mix that pulls the listener in and continuously keeps them engaged.


Polishing the track for mastering

A final listen back and then how to create the deliverables for Mastering as well as the label
The conversations you should be having with your mastering engineer and what to expect from mastering.

frank - master buss.png
Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: Services

Dates & Times

Each live session is approximately 3 hours long

Friday, January 28, 2022

Day 1

Los Angeles   9:00AM
Mexico City  11:00AM
New York      12:00PM
São Paulo       2:00PM
London           5:00PM

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Day 2

Los Angeles   9:00AM
Mexico City  11:00AM
New York      12:00PM
São Paulo       2:00PM
London           5:00PM

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Day 3

Los Angeles   9:00AM
Mexico City  11:00AM
New York      12:00PM
São Paulo       2:00PM
London           5:00PM

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: Schedule

Vocal Effects

Extract from previous masterclass

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: Video

iZotope Music Production Suite Pro

Every registered attendee receives a one-year license ($199 value).

Included products: Neutron Pro, Ozone Pro, RX Pro for Music, Nectar Pro plug-in, Melodyne 5 essential, iZotope Relay, Visual Mixer, Neoverb Pro, Tonal Balance Control Pro, VocalSynth Pro, Insight Pro

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: Text
Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: Image

Hear why attendees love this seminar

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: Testimonials

The Mixing Masterclass with Frank Socorro earlier this year was the best event I have attended in this virtual era. I've made many genuine connections from that and hope that we will continue in this forum to find what we are looking for.

James Carter, Australia

Meet Frank Socorro

Grammy-Nominated Mixing Engineer & Producer

Frank started his audio career in the early 2000's working in the Miami area recording the diverse styles that occur in a city that’s developed into the melting pot it is today. During that time an opportunity to work on a Bad Boy project put him on a fast track that led to him working with artists such as Mary J Blige, Lenny Kravitz and Lauryn Hill. Eventually he would land a position as head engineer for super producer Salaam Remi. This new position brought a wider range of projects from Nas and Cee-Lo to major motion picture work for Rush Hour and Sex and the City. Along the way came 5 GRAMMY nominations and several gold and platinum plaques. He currently operates his own studio while working with the future of audio at the SAE Miami campus.

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: About

Mix a Pop Song

a 3-day live online seminar with Frank Socorro

A 3-day online seminar with live Q&A

Approximately 9 hours in the studio with Frank

Drastically level up your mixing skills as Frank take you through his workflow step-by-step

Get personalized feedback on your own mix from other attendees and Frank himself

Access the replays to rewatch some of the tips

Get 1-year iZotope Music Production Suite Pro ($199 value)

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: Features


Who is this seminar for?

This live seminar is for artists, singer-songwriters, instrumentalists, music producers, audio engineers, DJs, and music students, but our live sessions are intended for anyone who is interested in the art of making music and to learn from award-winning producers. All are welcome!

How much experience do I need?

While beginners are welcome, we would say this seminar is better fit for intermediate and advanced individuals. This session is packed with information and you will need some basic understanding of D.A.W., and audio plug-ins. This seminar will level you up.

Are sessions live? Do I have to log in at a specific time?

Yes, all sessions will be live, allowing you to ask questions and get feedback in real time. Additionally, sessions will be recorded and be made available for replay.

You will get the benefit of learning in-person, in a small group setting, but from the comfort of your own home.

What tools and equipment will I need? Do I need to use Pro Tools?

The only thing you absolutely need to attend the session is a computer, a good pair of headphones, a web browser and a D.A.W. of your choice.

Frank uses Pro Tools in this seminar, but you ‘ll be able to apply the concepts he teaches within any DAW. If you’re already comfortable with a DAW, we encourage you to stick with that.  

Once you’re in the seminar, we’ll let you know some of the other optional but nice-to-have gear like plug-ins and outboard gear.

What song will be used for the seminar?

The track will be a pop song, with a bit of punk pop energy, featuring vocals in English. Most of the techniques he'll share are applicable to other styles and if you have a specific question, you can always Frank during the session or on Discord.

How much does the seminar cost?

This seminar is an accelerated process that takes you through an intensive mixing session in 3 days. To make this learning experience as accessible as possible, this 3-day session is priced at $237. This is a commitment you are making to yourself, and an investment in your future as a mixing engineer or producer.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, if for some reason you don’t want to take the class anymore, get 100% of your money back if you request it by the end of the first day. You will need to request a refund.

Does it matter which timezone I’m in?

No, it doesn’t matter which timezone you are in but the live sessions are conveniently scheduled for Europe, Americas, Middle East, and Africa.

How will I join the session each day?

You will receive a link via email the morning of each session. We will also set up a private channel on our Discord reserved to registered attendees to communicate between sessions.

Will replays be available?

Yes, replays will be available to registered attendees.

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: List

Become a better mixing engineer and producer

Mixing Seminar Jan 2022: Text
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